Adelaide company using Isuzu for 50+ years

May 29, 2019

South Australia-based business, Adami’s Sand and Metal Depot, has serviced Adelaide and surrounding suburbs for over 50 years, and is steadily expanding its fleet of Isuzu trucks to meet demand.

Adami’s General Manager, Mick Adami, told Isuzu that he learnt the ropes from his late father, Joe Adami, working across the many facets of the operation for the last 30 years.

“We supply a wide range of materials including different types of sand and cement along with base rubble and landscaping materials,” said Adami. He added that on top of materials and sundries, Adami’s also provides a Bobcat hire service.

The Adami’s on-road team comprises employees and contractors piloting around 20 trucks in total, including two Isuzu NLR 200 tippers, a NLR 45-150 tipper and FVZ 1400 and the recently purchased FVZ 240-300.

“The trucks are definitely very competitive and up there with any other brand we’ve bought in the past,” said Adami.

“Based on our experience with the older Isuzu Ready-to-Work models, the Isuzu bodies last a good 10 years without any issues.

“And these newer factory bodies are made of the tougher steel. They seem a bit lighter but also stronger too,” he said, also explaining that the business is mindful of challenges associated with capital equipment upkeep. “Part of the strategy behind buying new trucks is that it will help alleviate repair and associated costs.”

Adami told Isuzu he likes doing business with the Emanuele family (North East Isuzu) and their employees as they provide an excellent level of service.

“Our customers and suppliers feel a part of the business too and that’s important to us,” he said. “The local community around here, mostly post-war European immigrants, were very comfortable dealing with my Dad, and it all snowballed from there. If you have a good name and reputation, it goes a long way.”