Isuzu considers new TVC direction

July 3, 2019

‘Go Your Own Way’ licence up for renewal but Isuzu keen to keep using it in drive to 30,000 sales. Younger buyers are being recruited to drive the future at Isuzu Ute Australia (IUA) as it strives for 30,000 annual sales by 2020.

But Isuzu Ute owners might find themselves singing a different tune as the rights to the theme – ‘Go Your Own Way’ – draw to a close and the company decides whether to renew the contract or, indeed, go in another direction.

The push to meeting the target 30,000 sales starts this month as the company introduces its updated D-Max ute and MU-X SUV with a new marketing campaign led by a series of TVCs showing a young family at work and play with the Japanese brand’s two models.

There will be a series of TVCs each quarter this year showcasing the vehicles with the new Isuzu Ute family, the Waymans.

This family (of actors) comprises a husband and wife, three children and a dog, and traces their activities from work, to school, to sports and camping.

This year could also be a watershed for Isuzu Ute Australia as it decides whether to continue its five-year relationship with the song ‘Go Your Own Way’ that has cemented the brand in the minds of Australian viewers and radio listeners.

IUA general manager of marketing and PR Mike Conybeare said the song had been the lynchpin of the brand for five years but the licensing agreement finishes at the end of this year.

“It has been a fantastic asset for us,” Mr Conybeare told GoAuto of the Lindsey Buckingham (formerly of Fleetwood Mac) song.

“We have the use of the song until the end of this year. We will have discussions with Mr Buckingham about the possibility of an extension and the outcome of that may see us continue the relationship or otherwise.”

Australia is the only global market for Isuzu Ute to use the song. Mr Conybeare said internal research by the company found that it ranked second for brand identification behind Toyota’s ‘Oh What a Feeling’.

He said that was purely in-house brand tracking but showed that ‘Go Your Own Way’ firmly cemented Isuzu Ute with the tune.

He would not say how much the company pays for the song but said “it wasn’t a million dollars”.

Lindsey Buckingham, who left Fleetwood Mac last year for the second time, is the sole owner of the rights to the song and earns 100 per cent of its royalties.

Mr Conybeare also said the rollout of the TVCs with the Wayman family aimed to bring family and youth aspects to the brand.

“There will be iterations of the first ads – in 30-second and 45-second formats – through each quarter of this year,” he said.

“These will include activities such as towing because that is still a very strong market for us.”


Article by Neil Dowling.