The Isuzu Fuel Eco Challenge

September 17, 2019

The Isuzu Fuel Eco Challenge continues on for 2019. Fresh from the success of the 2018 edition that saw six mu-X and D-Max owners emerge victorious after posting their best fuel economy figures, Isuzu Philippines Corporation (IPC) has extended the challenge towards the various Isuzu car clubs.

Held last August 3, August 10, and August 17, the three legs saw members of the mu-X Owners of the Philippines, Team Isuzu Pilipinas, as well as those from Team Isuzu Car Enthusiasts, square off as to who can post the most fuel efficient figures from the mu-X and D-Max.

The 12 participants that joined during each leg were divided into two groups; six competed in the mu-X RZ4E, while the other six joined in the D-Max RZ4E. Those that were able to achieve the most fuel efficient figures won themselves Php 7,500 worth of Shell fuel vouchers, as well as an Isuzu trolley bag. The rest of the competitors, meanwhile, received Php 1,000 worth of fuel vouchers along with premium Isuzu items.

Yasuhiko Oyama, IPC vice president for Sales, stated that the Isuzu Fuel Eco Challenge reiterates the significance of the RZ4E’s fuel efficiency as well as its capability of producing power for less. In addition, the Fuel Eco Challenge also reminds drivers of the benefits of driving efficiently rather being heavy on the acclerator.

“IPC has always valued, and strove for, not just power and reliability in all its vehicles, but also fuel efficiency. Our RZ4E Blue Power engine exemplifies our effort to produce the most fuel-efficient diesel engine, capable of producing more power for less fuel. But fuel efficiency can only be achieved if the driver practices the best habits of fuel-efficient driving. We also aim to educate drivers about practices that could decrease their fuel consumption and to have a same and efficient driving,” said Oyama.

Apart from showing what their engines can do, Oyama also said that these type of competitions create the spirit of cameraderie that exists in thriving car clubs. Not only that, these car clubs can also share the knowledge necessary in making drives more fun and efficient.

With the price of fuel in a constant state of flux, the Isuzu Fuel Eco Challenge served as a reminder for drivers the benefits of driving economically. And, with the RZ4E’s reputation of delivering power and efficiency, Isuzu is optimistic that it will help other drivers as well to driver smarter rather than faster.